Press Release

Lincoln Journal Star

Monday, December 10th, 2019

By Sam Smith

It was a quiet spot halfway between Lincoln and Seward, off a country road. As I followed the winding lane, the fields had been harvested a month earlier and were empty. The trees had already lost their leaves. It was cloudy, making everything look a little gloomy. I started to wonder why I was going to interview this couple. As I went around one more curve in the lane my outlook changed. I saw bright lights coming from inside the cabin. Well, it resembled a cabin, but it was fairly large for a cabin, and had an addition on the side that looked like an indoor swimming pool.

I parked the car, walked up the path, and before I could knock (there was no doorbell) the door opened and I was greeted by Carol and her husband Dennis. “Hello. You must be Sam. I’m Carol and this is my husband Dennis. We heard your car. Glad you’re here. Did you have any problems finding us? It’s a little out of the way, but I love it and it’s close enough to civilization to run into town when we need to.”

We walked through the cabin-like house towards what really was an indoor swimming pool! It had an area where we could sit and talk comfortably, but could probably hold up to 50 people. Carol showed me to one of the chairs and brought us some ice water. I found out that her favorite drink is water straight from the well.

She sat down and told me her story.

She grew up with parents that went through the depression and because of that she was taught to use everything and not throw anything away. She was taught to be thrifty and to stretch things to make them last. When she married and had kids, she tried to pass these same values on to her kids.

As everyone aged, more and more people were diagnosed with dementia. New facilities were being built to care for people, mostly older adults, who could no longer remember how to care for themselves.

When her parents were moved into an assisted living facility and then later to a memory care unit, it greatly affected her that so many people were unable to care for themselves. She did not want to live the last part of her life in a facility, just hanging out and waiting to die, or even worse, regress to just having a physical body that was only existing and not being able to remember anything, how to talk, how to eat or how to even take care of herself. She tried not to dwell on this part of her parents’ lives.

And so her new quest began. Why were these peoples’ bodies deteriorating like this? Why was it mostly happening in the United States? Why were there so many new diseases, and why were they mostly happening in the United States? What she discovered, surprised her. But there was so much evidence and so many people had personal testimonies that she could come to no other conclusion: what we were eating was not giving our bodies the nourishment that was needed for good health. Wow! How easy that sounded. Nothing complicated that would take drug companies years of research to find a solution for. Nothing that scientists needed to discover. Just eating the right things.

Eating the right things however was not as easy as it sounded. Since grocery stores began, people have been discovering new ways to make food that has longer shelf life and looks prettier. Unfortunately all these changes, all this processing, has altered food and damaged the nutrients of the food, nutrients that our body needs.

When our bodies don’t get the right nutrition, they can’t function properly. It can be compared to putting bad gas in a car. A high performance engine needs high performance fuel. You can put all the additives that you want, in that engine, but it still needs the right fuel.

Giving your body drugs or manmade food-like products will never be a proper substitute for real food.

The good news is that with proper nutrition, our bodies can repair most of the damage. It takes time, but it does happen.

Then she showed me her Tower Garden in one of the corners of the pool room. It looked like a 6 foot tall green tower sitting on something like an enclosed half of a barrel. As we walked over closer to it, I saw that the green was actually plants that were growing out of the sides of the tower. She told me how  the water reservoir in the bottom supplied nutrients to the plants as it was pumped to the top and showered down over the roots of the plants on the inside of the tower. They had 2 more Tower Gardens outside where they grew all their own produce in the warmer weather.

I asked her where the dirt was and she explained that this was an aeroponic system that didn’t use dirt. I wasn’t sure if I should believe her but, later I looked it up and there is was on the internet, so it must be true, right?

Then Dennis told me his story. His dad had 7 heart attacks before he died at the age of 56. He knew he had inherited his father’s tendency toward heart disease and he was very apprehensive as he approached his 50’s. When he was 54 he had a mild heart attack. While he knew he should eat healthier, he didn’t quite know how to do that.

In August of 2011 at the county fair, there was a display that was very interesting. There was a fast food hamburger and french fries with a sign that said, “Guess how old I am.” It was over 2 years old! It didn’t deteriorate, and it didn’t even spoil! We cut back on how much fast food we ate after that.

Carol said that over the past 8 years, since that county fair, she did a lot of research, went to a lot of meetings and talked to a lot of people about health. Of all the diseases that we are told that we have “inherited”, she found out that it is more likely the eating habits and the lifestyles that we have inherited, that are the culprits for the diseases, and that most disease can be reversed with real food.

It is such a sad commentary on our society here in the United Stated, that we even have to use the phrase “real food”.

Then Carol showed me her “magic pills.” These are what we take every day to help our bodies get the nutrition we need, she said. When I asked her what kind of vitamin they were, she told me that they weren’t vitamins. Vitamins are isolated nutrients that don’t work when they are isolated. Vitamins work synergistically with all the other thousands of nutrients found in real food. The “magic pills” were fruits and vegies, dehydrated, and turned into a powder with all those thousands of nutrients unharmed.

While Carol and Dennis do their best to eat healthy, it’s not always possible, so every day they take their “magic pills” more commonly known as Juice Plus Capsules. After they started taking their Juice Plus capsules, is when Dennis was able to start decreasing his medicine and Carol was able to quit taking thyroid medication.

Dennis excitedly told me that at his last doctor’s visit, the doctor was very impressed that after being off all of his meds for 2 years, he is in better health than the doctor!

Although they were both almost 70 years old, neither one of them looked old, or moved like old people. Except for the gray hair, I had thought them to be in be in their 40’s.

As I left, it was now dark out. It was no longer gloomy. The clouds were gone and the stars seemed extra bright for some reason. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and bought some spinach for lunch the next day.