Week 24- What a Wonderful Journey

A journey is not the beginning,  nor is it the end. It is the middle.

Our life here on Earth is a journey. It began with pregnancy and it will end with physical death.

Stuck in the middle is not what I ever wanted. I always had and still have a destination, a goal of where I want to go or what I want to accomplish, to get to the end.

But the journey is what is important.

I’ve heard all that before. It’s like all those cliches that don’t really mean anything, until you actually experience it.

This course has been a fantastic journey, all the way from “No way. That can’t be true!” to “Wow! That is fantastic! It’s really true!”

Had we not made the progressions we did and the discoveries along the way, had we not been encouraged to do the daily exercises, had we not been given the wisdom of those who had gone before, we would still be so very ignorant of all the possibilities available to us!

I am so grateful for all the things I have learned, for all the discoveries I have made on this journey, for the growth within, realizing that there is so much to discover, there is so much more to this journey.

Thank you.

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