Week 23-We are what we eat.

We’ve all heard that phrase so  many times that it goes in one ear and out the other. But the reason that that is a cliche is because it is true. And it is true in so many ways.

First, it is literally true. The food that is eaten is what fuels the body. Good fuel can create a fine body. Bad fuel can create a mess.

It is also true of what you feed your mind. The Bible tells us to think on the things that are pure, true, kind, lovely, and of good report. Simplistically, when you think on good things, the body release good chemicals and you have good health. When you think on negative things, the body releases bad chemicals and you have bad health.

I’ve also learned that what you think about feeds your subconscious. Again simplistically, when you think, atoms vibrate, causing everything around them to respond to the vibration, and (remember simplistically) you can literally change the world, at the very least, your portion of the world.

Everyone wants to change their portion of the world. It’s in our nature. We are constantly growing, wanting more or better. It’s how we are made. Some people have figured out how to use thinking to their advantage. Others are stuck satisfying their peptides, or stuck in a rut, to use another cliche.

Peptides can be very demanding, but once I knew why my habits had such a hold on me, it was easier to change habits and create new peptides.

My portion of the world is a better place, now. I recognize negativity now, in ways that I didn’t recognize it before. I can choose to override the peptides and change the vibration of the atoms, to go a better way, to make better decisions, to get more, or better.

Slow down, just a little bit here. The word selfishness just popped into my mind. Change that thinking. Change the vibration of the atoms. More or better doesn’t need to be selfish. Improving my portion of the world so I can help others improve their portion of  the world and eventually change the world.

Stuck in a rut? Not any more. I am what I eat!

4 thoughts on “Week 23-We are what we eat.

  1. Thanks~! Again I read it and I get it… now to apply it… in some areas I am very good at eating the right words for my vibrations… and in other areas I’m totally crap! and I need to be more aware to change those thought foods and make them whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy … Thank you so much for reminding me this morning about the importance of EVERY THOUGHT!

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  2. What you describe, Carol, seems a very dramatic change! More than enough to significantly change your portion of the world; and that portion can be what puts us beyond the tipping point needed to change the entire world. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!


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