Week 21-Tools

I love what was given to us this week about our new tools. I had figured out how to circumvent some of these emotions but not how to turn them into tools.

Fear-turn it into concentration and focus

Hurt feelings-means you are passionate so use it for motivation

Anger-release it into massive energy for something positive

Guilt-use the energy to fix the mistake and learn from it

Unworthiness-change the focus from inward (self) to outward (others)

Instead of circumventing these emotions, I am recognizing them and turning them into tools. Wow! My life has changed! It’s as if the clouds have lifted and there is a lot more sunshine in my life now. It seems like things are going my way a lot more now. I know I am smiling a lot more now.

And now, better than before, I understand the phrase, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Thanks for these new tools.




5 thoughts on “Week 21-Tools

  1. Carol, thank you for sharing openly your experience regarding these tools. I tool have some that I have faith that they will be at the ready when needed or rather when I am ready to “plunge ahead” and use them despite trepidation 🙂

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