Week 21-Normal is okay, sometimes.

This blog is supposed to be about what we experienced over the past week. My past week has been pretty normal, nothing worth writing about. Not to say that the lessons haven’t been good. There’s just nothing interesting to write about.

I’m not complaining. If anyone has ever been through a rough time, normal, ordinary, every day living, is fantastic! We went through a rough time a few years ago. My son broke his collar bone in football practice. We were in a major car accident. My husband had a mild heart attack, but was off work for 4 months. Both my single daughters got pregnant. The house we were renting was put up for sale and we had to move. My husband’s place of work closed.

This all happened in a 2 1/2 year time span. Obviously we made it through. I learned that I didn’t need or want drama. Give me a normal, ordinary, every day life.

3 thoughts on “Week 21-Normal is okay, sometimes.

  1. So things are changing! I felt at the beginning of the week the roller coaster was just coasting… So I asked for a sign for clarifying my new direction and got it! The roller coaster is on its way up now so I begin another cycle… Sounds like you’re in the coasting phase and new seeds are being planted. Awesome!!

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  2. Although I know it’s of no consolation, Carol, to know that other members of our tribe have had to deal with what I consider “tragedies”of similar magnitude and rapidity of occurrence; it does suggest that these periods do happen in more lives than we would like to think. Quoting from memory as Og points out, “All my problems, heart aches, and discouragements are but opportunities in disguise.” So, while changing the name or category may not take away the burden, sting, negative impact etc., of what we must sometimes have to deal, it does suggest that having the right tools available, if needed, is to everyone’s advantage. As you gather such tools in the MKMMA a program, Carol, it makes me very thankful that you were able to persist, and be with us here today.

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