Week 19-Life

We have all been on a fabulous journey. I love where this trip is taking us and I’m excited to follow this road.

But this week, it just kinda stopped.

I’m feeling blah. My body is trying to lead me. It doesn’t want me to do anything. I feel like crawling in bed under all the covers and staying there till this feeling goes away.

My job. I still have to go to my job.

Two events that I was looking forward to this week were changed to a later date.

My dad is in the hospital and the doctor said it might just be his time to go home. He’s 95 and if it’s his time, I’m okay with that, but my emotions don’t know it yet.

Pain from a car accident that happened years ago has come back for no reason that I can figure out.

What else is going to try to get me off this fabulous journey?

What a perfect time to watch a video about power pose. I need to stand up tall and take charge and take back control!

Wow! It works really well!


8 thoughts on “Week 19-Life

  1. The roller coaster continues…… the ups and downs… but you are still on it… Thank goodness for the little bits and pieces along the way (like the power pose) that helps us get back on track and let that old blueprint go…. Keep on keeping strong!

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  2. You can do it, Carol! You’ve come so far. Truthfully, these obstacles never stop coming at us. What we do now is handle them with more grace and peace. I pray that you will find comfort in your father’s passing when that time comes that he has lived a full and rewarding life and that you, as his child, will find the ability to express thanks to him for all that he has done for your life. Be Blessed.

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